Cape Cod Soy Candles

Cape Cod Soy Candles

A 9 oz hand poured soy wax candle from Cape Cod in some of their best-selling scents, in a reusable mason jar with twist off lid.

Woodlands - balsam fir needle, cedar, and moss

Cape Cod Cranberry - tart cranberries, orange peel, cardamom

Apple Orchard - freshly pressed cider after a day of apple picking

Cape Cod Christmas - Balsam Fir, cinnamon & bayberries

Holiday by the Sea - hollyberry, persimmon, juniper & orange peel

Sweater Weather - spices mingled with the woodsy notes of freshly cut balsam pine tree

Tuscan Lemon - uplifting lemon zest with merengue

Fresh Fig + Apricot - fig drizzled with honey with top notes of apricot

scent Woodlands

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